Response to COVID-19

To our patients,

In order to protect our patients and team members, we have implemented the following protocols and procedures:

  • All patients are filling out a “pre-screening” COVID health questionnaire to ensure that any actively sick patient is rescheduled when they are feeling better.
  • All patients are having their temperatures taken at the time of their visit and any patient with a temperature of 100.4 is being asked to reschedule, as this is the cut off recommended by the CDC at this time.
  • Our team is being screened each day and tested periodically for antibodies to ensure that we are healthy each day! 
  • We are asking patients to wait in their cars when they arrive and call or text the office to let them know of their arrival. We are timing arrivals to help keep in line with social distancing.
  • Patients are being asked to wear a mask in and out of the office to limit exposure.
  • We are administering a “pre-rinse” solution of hydrogen peroxide and mouth-rinse to reduce any salivary viral load.
  • We have implemented new intra oral suction units for each room to reduce aerosols leaving the patient’s mouth.
  • We have also added extra oral suctions which have a multi stage HEPA filter in order to catch and filter out any respiratory droplets or aerosols that are created during dental procedures. This reduces any aerosols that may have escaped the intra oral suctions. 
  • Air purifiers are in each room to keep clean air circulating continuously. 
  • Our building has had a REME HALO installed into our HVAC system to emit dried hydrogen peroxide throughout the building. Studies have proven that this will kill viruses, mold, bacteria and other allergens on contact- whether it is in the air or as it lands on a surface. The HALO emits this to cover the air and surfaces in our building. 

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Jennifer Barrett, DDS
Barrett Family Dental