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Dentist Tacoma Recommends: Flossing for Healthy Gums | Dentist Tacoma

At Barrett Family Dental of Tacoma, we prioritize preventive care to safeguard your oral health. Periodontal disease, which is often silent in its early stages, can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums if left unchecked. However, with a simple yet powerful tool and a few minutes of your day, you can significantly reduce your […]

Seniors’ Guide to Maintaining Healthy Gums: Expert Tips from Dentist Tacoma | Dentist Near Me

As we age, prioritizing gum health becomes increasingly vital. At Barrett Family Dental of Tacoma, we understand the unique dental needs of seniors and are dedicated to providing tailored care to ensure optimal oral health. Periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease, poses significant risks, including tooth loss and even serious health complications such as […]

Protecting Your Smile During Exercise: Tips from Barrett Family Dental, Your Trusted Dentist in Tacoma | Tacoma Dentist

Exercise is crucial for maintaining overall health, but could it be harming your teeth? While staying active offers numerous benefits, certain exercise habits can pose risks to your dental health. At Barrett Family Dental in Tacoma, we’re committed to helping you maintain a healthy smile, whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the pavement. Here […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Adult Sealants at Barrett Family Dental in Tacoma | Dentist Near Me

Sealants aren’t just for kids anymore – adults can also enjoy the protective benefits they offer for their teeth. At Barrett Family Dental in Tacoma, we believe in the power of preventive care, and sealants play a crucial role in preserving your oral health at any age. But what exactly are sealants? They’re thin, plastic […]

Ensuring Your Child’s Dental Health: A Guide from Barrett Family Dental of Tacoma | 98406 Dentist

Routine dental appointments are pivotal for maintaining optimal oral health, particularly for growing children. The American Dental Association underscores the importance of scheduling check-up exams every six months. Children, in particular, undergo constant oral changes and are more susceptible to tooth decay. Establishing proper oral hygiene habits early on lays the foundation for a lifetime […]

Unlocking a Youthful Smile: Your Path with Barrett Family Dental of Tacoma | Dentist Near Me

Your smile speaks volumes from the moment you greet someone. And with one straightforward procedure, you can rejuvenate your appearance significantly. Teeth whitening holds the key to a more youthful smile, particularly if your teeth currently bear stains, dullness, or discoloration. At Barrett Family Dental of Tacoma, we offer comprehensive whitening services catered to both […]

Making Oral Hygiene Fun for Your Child | Dentist in Tacoma

As a parent, the best way to help ensure your child has a lifetime of healthy teeth is to help them establish great dental hygiene habits as they grow. It can be difficult to get young children to cooperate with brushing and flossing. Making the routine as exciting as possible will make your life easier. […]

The Importance of Screening for Oral Cancer | Dentist Near Me

Like with every form of cancer, early diagnosis can have a profound impact on the success of your treatment. Regular screenings are your first line of defense against oral cancer and our dentist is thoroughly trained in screening for oral cancer. During your screening, we will check your lips, tongue, gums, mouth, and throat for […]

Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Disease | Tacoma Dentist

Almost half of the population in the United States has been diagnosed with moderate to severe periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can range from gingivitis (mild inflammation) to  periodontitis, a major oral disease that can result in soft tissue damage, bone destruction, and even tooth loss. Our experienced dentist is trained to treat all stages of […]

The Benefit of Adding Flossing to Your Routine | Dentist Tacoma

You have heard the recommendation from your dental hygienist or dentist over and over again: “You need to start flossing. Flossing daily is important.” Although it may sound like a broken record at times, flossing truly is instrumental to both your oral and overall dental health. It is important to understand the benefits of flossing […]